Federal Tort Claims

In some ways a federal tort is similar to a state tort action; they are claims against a wrongdoer for the injuries he causes to his victims.  These claims differ from state claims in that they are governed by both state and federal law.  If you need an attorney that can help you bring a federal tort claim then you need an attorney that is familiar with both areas of law and the ways in which the two interact.  The attorney's at Claessens Law are prepared to guide you through this complicated litigation.

If you are injured by the negligent acts of a federal employee engaged in their normal work duties the only we you can bring suit is through 28 U.S. Code Chapter 171, the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).  This is not easy but we can help.  Check out our flow chart that details what this challenge entails.

The FTCA eliminates some intentional tort actions usually available in state court such as, assault, battery, false imprisonment, false arrest, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, libel, slander, misrepresentation, deceit, or interference with contract rights.  It may still be possible to make a claim for these actions as violations of civil rights but if so they are brought under a different statute 42 U.S. Code § 1983. Again, not easy but we can help.

For more information on federal tort litigation check out the resources we have created to help us practice successfully.

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