We've (finally) added to our Resources page

Over the last five years we have developed a ton of in house resources that we use to guide our practice.  These range in sophistication from detailed templates for pleadings to just saved bits of useful information.  They range in form from dry legal pleadings to complex charts and presentations designed to visually communicate information.

Many of these resources are not fit for sharing publicly and never well be.  But many others are worth sharing.  We put a lot of effort into effective communication and use a several tools to accomplish that. We hope to post to the resource page tools that inform effectively, help people, and hopefully garner some positive attention for our practice.

We have two new resources posted for federal litigation and tenant eviction.  We started with these because they were needed for existing cases and because both really helped us in our understanding of the practice areas.  

There is no shortage of overly general surface level discussions of practice areas or "White Papers" locked behind email list sign ups.  We want to offer quality resources with effective visual communication.  We think these two do just that and hope to add to our resources soon.

We plan to offer next a tool to evaluate settlement positions that responds dynamically to additional inputs.  More soon(ish)! 


Coming Soon... OregonTenantDefense.com

Sara and I have worked a lot of landlord tenant cases.  The facts vary but the legal questions are fairly consistent.  As a result of our experience, dedication to improving process, and thoughtful use of legal technology tools we are now able to litigate these cases very efficiently.  What that means for our clients is that we can deliver high quality results at lower costs.  Our goal is to make a profitable practice through low cost representation.  In this way we hope to do our part to alleviate the access to justice gap.

Much more to come, stay tuned.  

If you reached this page by visiting oregontenantdefense.com, please review this site for information on Claessens Law, the team behind the project.

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Welcome to our blog.  Here you will find useful information, interesting information that is not useful, and even some information that is neither useful nor interesting.  The Claessens Law Blog is the home for our content that we have developed to help us be better lawyers and help our clients learn a bit about the practice.  We hope you enjoy it.